BASIC - Part 57:  This is why you need to be careful when overclocking.   The tape loads and, it seems, BASIC is speaking in tongues.  Not only that, but he's about to burn through a hell of a lot of sugar.

In Post Production

Tomorrow's episode of BASIC is rather an exciting effects heavy one. This being the case, we thought you might like to see behind the scenes of the production of this epic.
Here we see the filming of the dangerous 'Boat scene', before the FX boffins get to cast their 'Hollywood magic' over it.


In case you missed it on Twitter, the winner of our little competition was chosen.  What better way to choose a random winner than with a small BASIC program.  So, here it is....




BASIC - Part 55: In which we seethe importance of subtlety, especially when it comes to loading screens.
I think I have probably mentioned before that BASIC speaks a dialect of Sinclair BASIC and it kinda suits him.  However, I felt this wasn't really applicable to the massive Collossus robots.  As a child of the early 80s living in the UK, my first experience of computing at school came in the form of the hulking metal child-proof BBC Micro.  Given the equal hulking metal-ness of our attacking robots, it seems fitting that they are speaking BBC BASIC.  Please don't infer that BBC BASIC is necessarily equal to EVIL ;)

LOAD "???"

BASIC - Part 54: We're a whole year old! And Google Adsense still thinks we have 'insufficient content'.  Ha! In this weeks action packed instalment, Wyndham resorts to desperation to wake up BASIC. Let's hope the volume and head alignment are okay.

In other news, we have a little competition for you.  Just let the world know that we exist (stupid world) by Twittering.  As long as you include the term 'BASICcomic' and (preferably) a little link back to www.basiccomic.com then you will be entered in a draw to win.....
A Raspberry Pi computer!!!!!
The draw will of course be done with a BASIC coded random number generator.  What else?

A Guide to Conversational BASIC

SYNTAX ERROR: UPDATE ON SATURDAY - Hallo good readers.  It's about time for some extra credit and I have two little gems for you today.
First up, I have a special one-off strip entitled (rather grandly) 'A Guide to Conversational BASIC'.
It means to be a primer of-sorts into the rather loose 'pidgin-BASIC' spoken by our large metal protagonist.
That's what it means to be.  Click the picture to see how short it falls.

Also. we have a new front page!  We are now adorned with a smart 'Issue 0' prologue strip, which serves to whet the appetite (and wet the robot).  Been meaning to do this for a while now.. now my failure is complete!
New strip as usual on Wednesday when we will be (gasp) A WHOLE ONE YEAR OLD!!!


BASIC - Part 53: Well, it looks like BASIC's attempt to jam whatever is controlling the robots/ninjas was noticed.  The retaliation, though disproportionate, is not entirely unexpected.  What IS unexpected, is BASIC's spider-in-the-bath reaction.


BASIC - Part 52: The best of intentions don't always lead to the best of outcomes.  There's a hell of a lot of BASIC in this strip.  It's not important to understand any of it, since Wyndham is kinda translating.  For what it's worth, though, DEF FN means Define FunctioN.


BASIC - Part 51: BASIC is in quite a hurry to leave, although his reasons are perhaps not clear.

In other news, I'm putting the finishing touches on a little side-strip, a one off BASIC comic that serves (kinda) as a guide to conversational BASIC.  Reasons for this are twofold: For one, its just fun to do and secondly, I've realised (through comments and mails) that there are many readers who've never typed a line of BASIC.  This is understandable given its age.  So I put together a little primer to explain little things like the meaning of EXP in this weeks strip (it means exponential, or in BASIC's parlance, 'very').  Anyway, that's coming real soon and it'll be in the RND*TAT section.

Also in the RND*TAT page right now is a little thing I'd like to add that needs your input.  In the long gone days of 8-bit micros, did you ever type mischievous little programs into the demo machines in shops? I know I did and so did a reader who has emailed in (with a much better program that the rubbish I used to write). Check it out and please send in your own, they don't have to be good, they just have to be short (any computing platform is fine) :)
Here's the link to the page.

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